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Fetal Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with care of the fetus-The Unborn Child. The mother & child are one before birth,however in reality both of them are two different individuals. For the past few decades the fetus in the womb is considered as an individual. In the modern health care, the concept of fetal medicine has evolved to deal with the health of this unborn child.

Ultra Sound Service

  • Fetal Viability Scan
  • Fetalwll-being sacn
  • Doppler Scan
  • Fetal Echocardiography
  • Advanced Imaging
  • 3D & 4D Ultrsound

Diagnosis Technology

  • Combined First Trimedter Screening (NT SCAN) 11-13 weeks
  • Genetic Sonogram 16-20 weeks
  • Quadruple Test 16-20 weeks
  • Non Invasive Prenatal Testing NIPT From 9 weeks


  • Prenatal Screening
  • Pre -Eclampsia Screening
  • Cervical Screening